What’s Next

What we have in near Future

Currently, the reviews published here on Best Reseller Hosting are purely experienced-based. We are technical people who believe in statistic and figures. So if we could complement our reviews with stats will be great for comparison.

We know how important is server uptime. Meanwhile, a reliable host with efficient support is also crucial. Therefore, in future, we will be displaying live uptime of Reseller Hosting servers that we have purchased from host and loading speed of actual websites hosted on those servers. With this info, you can have better confidence in choosing the right host for your business.

Won’t it be convenient if we can test a host without signing up directly and providing them Credit Card details then struggle for the Money Back Guarantee? We might have a solution for you. You can contact us in the future and request for a demo cPanel account. So you can easily test their platform with zero risk.

These are the ideas we have for now. If you have any suggestion, feel free to drop us a line at info[at]bestresellerhosting.biz