Review Process


At the time of writing, we have already done more than 700 freelance projects to set up a hosting site for clients. We gain new experience every time we work on the host platform since every client has their own need. We don’t do web design or graphic design, we set up WHMCS and integrate it with WordPress to build a fully functional web hosting website.

We are simple people but love Mathematics. So our comparison is purely based on the Data that we collected from our test site.

Setup Monitoring Site

We sign up for an account under our client so that our test site will be under a Reseller Hosting account. We did not sign up directly for a Shared Hosting account under the host because those packages might have received other optimization when compared to Reseller Hosting plans. We do this so that we get accurate insights to find the Best Reseller Hosting provider.

We set up a test site under our subdomain and point our DNS there. We use Cloudflare as our DNS Manager. We try to monitor all Data Center of the host so that we can provide valuable information for you to choose the right host and right Data Center.

For example, this is our test site on both of InMotion Hosting Data Center.

Los Angeles –
Washington DC –

We install a fresh WordPress site. We removed all unused plugin and themes. We make all the test site identical to get accurate insights for comparison.

You can find who is hosting the website by using our simple host checker tool below.

Monitor Performance

Once the test site is ready, we add the site to our Uptime Monitor the get insights. The site is checked for uptime and response time randomly from 10 locations around the globe at a 1-minute interval. We also monitor their APDEX score since the new industry standards for reporting performance is by using APDEX.

The Apdex score is a ratio value of the number of satisfied and tolerating requests to the total requests made. Each satisfied request counts as one request, while each tolerating request counts as half a satisfied request.


In simple word, the server’s performance is good if the score is close to 1 and bad if close to 0.

You can access our live Status page here. You can view the server uptime and response time to see how their server has been performing.

We Write

Once we have enough data to report, we start writing our review. You may notice we have added other hosts in our comparison table but we are not monitoring their server. This was due to client requests to include them in the comparison list and review them in terms of pricing and features.

The review we write is based on our experience working with the host when setup and configure WHMCS for clients. Please check each host for a detailed and in-depth Reseller Hosting Review.

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