Domain Reseller

Some of the best Domain Reseller Program that you can go with.

Domain Reseller Program

Some of our handpicked service providers that you can consider to provide domain registration service directly from your WHMCS



$ 8.89

$ 9.99

$ 13.50

$ 9.16


$ 11.69

$ 13.69

$ 17.00

$ 10.53


$ 10.69

$ 12.09

$ 17.00

$ 11.29


$ 12.57

$ 13.99

$ 18.00

$ 9.33


$ 14.39

$ 15.49

$ 20.50

$ 14.09


$ 12.74

$ 13.99

$ 18.00

$ 13.64


$ 6.79

$ 8.39

$ 14.95

$ 16.14

Pros and Cons

  • Free WHOIS Privacy

  • Low Startup Amout - $50

  • Paid WHOIS Privacy

  • Low Startup Amout - $25

  • Paid WHOIS Privacy

  • One-time enrollment fee - $50

  • Paid WHOIS Privacy

  • Low Startup Amout

TLDs pricing may differ according to the latest promotion of the Registrar.
Last Updated on 31 Dec 2019

Seriously, it not easy choosing a Domain Reseller Pogram. Its much easy to chose a host because we only need to compare a few stuffs like web space, bandwidth and support. It’s different when it comes to Domain Reseller Program because there is just too many TLDs and every service provider have different pricing for each one of them. Plus you can’t simply go with their cheapest package as well because some require to have about 5 000 domains managed under them in order to get the cheapest pricing for the TLDs.

In order to come up with the list above, we have compared about 20 Domain Reseller service providers and find that no one provider has the cheapest pricing for all TLDs. Some provide give cheaper pricing but charge for WHOIS Protection. So there are many pro and cons in each Domain Reseller program.

For the beginner to start up a web hosting business, we would advise to go with one account. We recommend NameSilo because their price for the free account is very reasonable and you get Free WHOIS Protection for all TLDs. It’s a definite plus when you are providing a registration service to your customers since it can be a good selling point. Big companies like eNom and Godaddy WHOIS Privacy addon is very expensive while you can simply provide them for Free.

We managed to get a sign up offer for Best Reseller Hosting readers. Use coupon code BRH2019 at NameSilo to get $1 discount on any of their service til 31st December of 2020

Freequently Asked Questions

What is Domain Reseller?

Domain Reseller allows you to provide domain registration services.

Do they have WHMCS Modules for Integration?

Yes they do. Some module is available by default at WHMCS while some need to upload manually.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. It is the best there is to manage your Web Host business. Everything from billing and account creation is automated with WHMCS. You will only need to handle customer support.

Can you compare more TLDs?

Yah sure. Please request for the TLDs that you wish to see up on the table.

Can you compare more registrar?

Yah sure. Please request for registrar and we will strive to add it.

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